Mobile and Desktop services for financial institutions.


Mobi¢int develops innovative mobile and internet banking software that keeps over 200 financial institutions ahead of the technology curve. These financial institutions have selected our platform because it has the features their users want, the security that financial institutions need and a commitment to technology that is required to remain competitive.

Mobile Banking

Providing a mobile and internet user experience (UX) is just the beginning. For successful implementations you need to understand your users and their demographics. This will assist you in providing relevant features and services in real-time. Mobi¢int allows you to view growth trend lines, returning number of visitors, geographic access, service penetration and flow.


Analytics and Reports You Can Count On

Smartphones and tablets have opened doors to new avenues for consumers to budget, shop and make payments. The number of consumers using mobile banking and mobile payments has steadily grown in the last 3 years. According to a report by Juniper Research, over 1 billion mobile phone users worldwide are expected to use their mobile devices for banking purposes by the end of 2017, up from 590 million in 2013. In today’s highly connected world, with expectations of convenient and instant access to relevant data, mobile is no longer just another channel, it should be part of your business strategy.


We’ve Reinvented the Desktop Banking Experience

Technology is transforming our lives at an unprecedented pace. Engagement and personalization that once occurred in branch is now happening within the digital world. As we enter the Omni-channel age, it has become crucial for financial institutions to meet end users where they are – and at any time. Mobi¢int is at the forefront of this transformation and we have invested time and money for a secure, reliable, cloud-based infrastructure that meets financial institutions expectations – “anytime, anywhere”.



Mobile and Desktop services for financial institutions.


Mobi¢int employs responsive design allowing unique pageviews for each device from which it is accessed. Users will have no need to ‘pinch zoom’ to read text, instead Mobi¢int will automatically scale to the user device providing optimized screen views for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.




Mobicint has been created to match the unique web design of each financial institution. Styling is provided to match your website, so your members have a consistent banking experience where your brand can be reinforced. Mobile banking also provides optimized customization to ensure your mobile app reinforces your brand.


Mobi¢int takes web and mobile banking security seriously, understanding confidence in your financial institution is literally in the hands of your members. Mobi¢int builds native apps and does not use non-SSL links, validates the authenticity of all SSL certificates, does not require web views from third-party URL’s and is absent of build and configuration setting weaknesses. We believe that security policies should not be an afterthought and are key to a successful mobile banking platform. With the industry struggling to find a balance between security and usability, Mobi¢int provides the perfect equilibrium.


Using the latest application program interface (API) technologies Mobicint will connect to any core platform. Full API documentation is provided and product support included to ensure seamless implementation.


Mobicint provides real-time reporting so you will know who’s using your app, right as they use it. Tracking and visualization allows you to analyze how people are using your app, the screens they visit and the actions they take. Real-time reporting tools help drive app adoption and ensure your users remain engaged.

Powerful Features

Account Management

Real-time transfers, loan payments, cash advances and history.

Remote Controls for Cards

Reduce fraud. Disable and enable debit and credit cards with the touch of a button.

Loan Application

Provide mobile and desktop lending. Reach your users on their terms.

Check Images

Allow users to view cleared check images.

Remote Deposit Capture

Provide an integrated RDC solution without the need for third-party applications.

Bill Pay

Allow users to access bill pay from within mobile and desktop banking.

Institution Transfers

Move money between financial institutions using a single platform.


Set account alerts based on balances, transactions and payment reminders.

ATM/Branch Locator

Built-in location services for ATMs, branch and shared branch locations.

Document View

Display account statements, receipts, loan forms and any other document type.

Income Tracking

Track income v. Expenses and rolling daily account balances visually.

User Controls

Change username, password, email settings, account descriptions and manage active devices.