Is Your Mobile Banking Product Suite Ready for World War Z?

mobile banking product suite

Is your financial institution prepared for the next generation gap? Millennials (born 1980 to 1994) have been a topic of focus over the past several years, with good reason. At 83 million strong, Millennials deserve your attention. Yet, there is a new generation that is about to hit the workforce. Generation Z (born 1995 to…

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What Millennials Expect From Mobile Banking

mobile banking expectations

Mobile banking has become an important pillar of success to financial institutions, and even more important to your members. In today’s banking climate, Millennials are the most sought after demographic, and it’s no news that they have entered the game with expectations on mobile banking. Millennials are leading the change towards paperless banking and as…

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5 Easy Ways to Boost Mobile Banking App Downloads

Mobile Banking App Download

While mobile banking app use took off several years ago, with member adoption of credit union apps growing by 35 percent on average, nearly 88 percent of U.S. adults did not use mobile banking because they felt their needs were being met without it.1  In contrast to that statistic, financial institutions are still meeting more success with…

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What Gates and Jobs had to say about mobile vs. desktop

mobile vs. desktop

As our everyday lives become increasingly dependent on smartphones, we have to ask ourselves, “Is there any value in desktop banking being part of your product strategy?” The argument of desktop vs. Mobile rages on in board meetings around the country. While most financial institutions offer home banking through a web browser (48.4% of the…

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5 Must-have Analytics for Digital Banking

digital banking

When it comes to measuring the performance of your mobile banking app, analytics are crucial. Not only should the data show how many members are using your digital banking platform but it should also indicate how they are using it. Obtaining the right data will empower financial institutions to market more effectively to their target audience. It…

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3 Snapchat IPO Tips for Your New Mobile Banking App

mobile banking app

In early March the stock exchanges were going wild over the IPO (Initial Public Offering) of Snapchat while the C-Suite execs, including 26-year-old co-founder and CEO Evan Speigel, waited to see how the markets would react to their companies stock. Originally priced at $17 a share, the stock rose as high as $26.05. Not too…

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Your Members Aren’t Downloading Your Mobile App and This is Why

Mobile app download

Location and ATM availability is still perceived as the primary driver for potential members selecting or switching financial institutions. However, mobile and online banking offerings are increasingly more important, especially among millennials. For financial institutions who have prioritized improving their mobile banking app, only to be left scratching their heads when download numbers and usage data…

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Combat Fraud with Remote Control Debit Cards 

credit card fraud

Wouldn’t it be nice if your members had the ability to turn off their debit and credit cards and shut down access to their accounts when they lose their wallet?  What about having this ability when the reality of fraud presents itself? Target’s announcement that 40 million cards had been compromised during the height of…

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3 Mobile Banking Innovations You Must Consider

mobile banking app

There is no question that providing account access to members anywhere, anytime is the major benefit of mobile banking.  Remote deposit capture has also been a defining technology to this point.  However, is your RDC “built-in” to your existing mobile app?  If not, it should be.  As mobile technologies mature, members should not be faced with…

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Mobile Banking: Promoting Growth or Preventing Attrition?

mobile banking growth

Executives have a lot on their plates. Alongside the daily activities of keeping tabs on operations and budgets, overseeing personnel, and managing risk, there is one function that should not be ignored. An argument can be made that one of the most important roles is understanding how data and technology can, and should, drive decisions.…

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What Does Pizza Have to do With Mobile Banking?

mobile banking

Do you remember the Domino’s Pizza commercial series from the late 1980’s – “Avoid The Noid”. Clad in a red, skin-tight, rabbit-eared body suit with a black N inscribed in a white circle, The Noid was a physical manifestation of all the challenges (becoming annoyed – “a – noid”) inherent in getting a pizza delivered…

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Mobile Banking App Merely a Convenient Perk?

mobile banking app

More and more financial institution members belong to a lifestyle of mobile technology and are looking at ways to integrate the requirements of their financial lives into that lifestyle. This especially applies to millennials aged 18 to 24 according to an article on Money.Mic, “7 apps that could help you save more money in 2017.“…

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4 Solutions for a Safe Remote Deposit Capture

remote deposit capture

Why you must convince your members and yourself that remote deposit capture is safe. In 1991 Saloner and Shepard found evidence for the role of the network effect in their study of ATM adoption. What was discovered in the case of ATM machines, was that if ATM’s were largely available over geographically dispersed areas, the…

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Effectively Marketing to Millennials

marketing to millennials

Mobile banking, mobile lending products, and internet banking are some of the key product development efforts to gain millennial’s membership. An article by CU Management furthers the discussion on how to market your financial institutions emerging technology products and services to potential Gen Y and Gen X members: PR Insight: Marketing to Millennials  Millennials are an increasingly important…

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Tell a Captivating Story with Mobile Banking Services

mobile banking services

Financial institutions captivate their members through technology. Mobile banking, in particular, is the best tool that they have to provide an intimate and engaging experience. Unfortunately, too many financial institutions don’t understand this. They construct mobile banking services from fragments of third-party solutions, as though they were pasting together a gossip column instead of thoughtfully…

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You Shouldn’t Ignore the Tablet in Digital Banking

Tablet in digital banking

Digital banking technology is like manna from heaven to those who thrive on instant access to their account information.  Today’s omni-consuming members wield their mobile phones like gods, managing all of their financial affairs on these devices, from anywhere, at any time.  Still, these gods of the mobile-verse are not easily pleased.  In the rush to…

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The Mobile Lending Impact

mobile lending

It’s planning season for financial institutions, and decisions concerning mobile banking and mobile lending are on the top of the list at most strategic planning meetings. financial institutions agree that these technologies are essential, but the reasons are not always so clear. We see the rise in social media and the need to appeal to…

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Give Your Bank Account the Finger with Biometrics

biometrics for bank account access

We’re already using our fingers to unlock our phones, companies use biometric verification for time clocks, and for access to pharmaceuticals by hospital caregivers. So why not use biometrics for bank account access? Debates have been ongoing about the safety of traditional passwords versus biometric scanning. Data privacy advocates have been quick to warn that…

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The 6 Most Common Concerns with Mobile Banking Security

Mobile Banking Security is always ranked high on the mind of consumers in this day and age. The adoption of mobile banking is not immune to security concerns.  In fact, according to the Consumers and Mobile Financial Services 2016 survey reported by The Federal Reserve this year, concern about the security of mobile technology is a common reason given for…

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How FIs Use Omni-Consumerism to Target Millennials


Because our society is so fortunate to have access to the abundant resource of the internet I can almost guarantee that you or someone you know would fall into the Omni-Consumer category. Now you may not understand that term, but it’s definitely not as complicated as it may sound.  You see, many people, especially those who…

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Create a Winning Mobile Banking Strategy

mobile banking strategy

As a mobile banking provider, we have discussed the importance of developing your mobile banking strategy, and the power of using mobi¢int mobile apps for smartphone and tablet devices. Once you have your product in place, the next step is marketing your new mobile banking platform.  We are sharing a post today from DigitalMailer, Inc …

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Mobile Banking Strategy: What Not to Focus On


About 15 years ago, when internet banking first hit the industry, the market rendered solutions of all kinds. This was at a time when few organizations had even embraced email and few were connected to the web.  A central matter of debate was whether or not “Internet” should be spelled with a capital “I”. Everyone…

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By the Numbers: Mobile Banking Activity From 2016 vs. 2015

Mobile Banking Activity

Comparing the 2016 and 2015 Consumers and Mobile Financial Services 2015 survey reported by The Federal Reserve give us two points on a graph that might help point out a trend. The report provides an excellent look into how credit union members are viewing and using mobile banking, and it is up to financial institutions to examine…

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5 Reasons Why Mobi¢int Mobile Apps Are Secure

mobile banking apps

… While Other Mobile Solutions Pose Inherent Security Risks Sandy, UT (September 28, 2016) —  Media reports of “Major security flaws found in 90% of top mobile banking apps,” have alarmed credit unions who already have or are considering the purchase of a mobile banking app. It’s easy to see why mobi¢int users and their members…

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Will the Apple Watch 2 Impact your Financial Institution?

Apple Watch for mobile banking

Wearable technology seems to be sticking around with Apple releasing their Apple watch series 2.  Wearables started out as fitness trackers and GPS watches for running and cycling but has evolved into the sophisticated Apple Watches and Samsung’s Gear S-series.  Some companies and institutions are still jumping on the mobile app bandwagon, so is it time…

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Mobile Lending Through Social Media

mobile lending through social media

How Mobile Lending should change your social media marketing strategy Most marketers will advise you that the proper use of social media isn’t to solely promote your products and services.  A picture of your product will not “go viral” (unless perhaps there is something glaringly wrong with the photo).  I recently read an eBook from…

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7 Ways Credit Unions Can Leverage Screen Time


Making the most of electronic channels can take your credit union to the next level.  We’re sharing this article, “Seven Steps for Smarter Electronic Channels” from the Credit Union National Association because it gives great advice to leverage the time members spend on their screens to drive deeper relationships, offer better online banking options, and increase…

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User Experience is the Key to Mobile Banking Adoption

Mobile banking

No matter what your major was in college, you no doubt had to learn the “Technology Adoption Lifecycle.” Perhaps it was taught in the context of history and the industrial revolution’s impact on agriculture. Or, more likely, you remember it within the teaching of your economics or business programs as a way to characterize companies’…

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Adoption of Mobile Banking Apps Explodes in This Demographic

Mobile Banking Apps

U.S. Hispanics’ current spending power is estimated to be roughly $1.4 trillion, so it’s no surprise that they represent a significant market opportunity for businesses, credit unions included.  These numbers prompted Nielsen, a market research company, to conduct a study in the beginning half of 2015 to uncover what marketing products, services, and themes resonate the most…

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Reaching the Underbanked Through Mobile Apps

Mobile Banking Apps

To be underbanked is defined as having limited access to mainstream financial services normally offered by retail banks. Many people who are classified as underbanked may also have language barriers, unable to access to banking facilities due to distance such as the elderly people, or simply feel uncomfortable using ATM machines. So how can financial institutions see the underbanked…

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The Cure for Millennial’s Financial Illiteracy: Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking Services

Using mobile technology and expanding mobile banking capabilities may very well be at the heart of any discussion on how to get millennials and the younger generations focused on saving. Whether it is in using mobile apps to educate young consumers, or in providing more robust mobile banking services, there is no doubt the mobile phone is…

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Is Your Mobile Experience Pushing Members Away?

mobile banking product

Credit Union Times reported in their article, Mobile Banking Users Leave Due to Fees, Service, that 10% of mobile banking users switched banks/credit unions last year due to fees or poor service associated with the mobile banking product. This article underlines the importance of ensuring that your mobile banking app is efficient and simple to use:…

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Mobile Banking Security: Beware These Android Vulnerabilities

mobile banking security

Smartphones are not immune to hackers.  A friend took her phone to her carrier’s retail location because it kept getting hot without her even using it, and she noticed the battery was draining faster than ever.  The store rep told her they needed to immediately wipe her phone clean because it had been hacked.  Yikes!…

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6 Mobile Banking Trends in 2015

Mobile Banking Trends

The Federal Reserve released their fifth installment of the Consumers and Financial Services Reportfor 2016. The survey used for this report was conducted in November 2015 and compares results from previous years’ surveys. The Federal Reserve first issued the report in 2012. As credit unions provide financial services, it is important for them to understand mobile banking…

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The Credit Union Advantage in Mobile Banking

Credit Union Advantage in Mobile Banking

The article “Trust is Key in Mobile Banking” discussed how credit unions have a significant advantage over banks when it comes to mobile banking, and that is the element of trust. Credit union members display a greater level of trust in their financial institutions than bank members, and this is key to credit unions gaining market…

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