Mobile Banking App Merely a Convenient Perk?

mobile banking app

More and more financial institution members belong to a lifestyle of mobile technology and are looking at ways to integrate the requirements of their financial lives into that lifestyle. This especially applies to millennials aged 18 to 24 according to an article on Money.Mic, “7 apps that could help you save more money in 2017.“…

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4 Solutions for a Safe Remote Deposit Capture

remote deposit capture

Why you must convince your members and yourself that remote deposit capture is safe. In 1991 Saloner and Shepard found evidence for the role of the network effect in their study of ATM adoption. What was discovered in the case of ATM machines, was that if ATM’s were largely available over geographically dispersed areas, the…

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Effectively Marketing to Millennials

marketing to millennials

Mobile banking, mobile lending products, and internet banking are some of the key product development efforts to gain millennial’s membership. An article by CU Management furthers the discussion on how to market your financial institutions emerging technology products and services to potential Gen Y and Gen X members: PR Insight: Marketing to Millennials  Millennials are an increasingly important…

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Tell a Captivating Story with Mobile Banking Services

mobile banking services

Financial institutions captivate their members through technology. Mobile banking, in particular, is the best tool that they have to provide an intimate and engaging experience. Unfortunately, too many financial institutions don’t understand this. They construct mobile banking services from fragments of third-party solutions, as though they were pasting together a gossip column instead of thoughtfully…

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