Mobi¢int Welcomes Wichita Falls Federal Credit Union

Wichita Falls FCU

Sandy, UT (November 2016) — We are pleased to announce that Wichita Falls Federal Credit Union chose to implement mobi¢int as their internet banking provider. Mobi¢int’s responsive design will allow the over 2,000 member credit union to offer an easier and more consistent internet banking experience.

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You Shouldn’t Ignore the Tablet in Digital Banking

Tablet in digital banking

Digital banking technology is like manna from heaven to those who thrive on instant access to their account information.  Today’s omni-consuming members wield their mobile phones like gods, managing all of their financial affairs on these devices, from anywhere, at any time.  Still, these gods of the mobile-verse are not easily pleased.  In the rush to…

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Latah Credit Union Implements User-Friendly Online Banking

Letah Logo

Sandy, UT (November 2016) — Mobi¢int will now provide internet and mobile banking to Latah Credit Union. With over $80 million in assets, the Idaho-based credit union serves over 6,000 members who live, work, volunteer, worship, do business in, or go to school in Latah County, Idaho and to students enrolled in a unified program of…

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The Mobile Lending Impact

mobile lending

It’s planning season for financial institutions, and decisions concerning mobile banking and mobile lending are on the top of the list at most strategic planning meetings. financial institutions agree that these technologies are essential, but the reasons are not always so clear. We see the rise in social media and the need to appeal to…

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Give Your Bank Account the Finger with Biometrics

biometrics for bank account access

We’re already using our fingers to unlock our phones, companies use biometric verification for time clocks, and for access to pharmaceuticals by hospital caregivers. So why not use biometrics for bank account access? Debates have been ongoing about the safety of traditional passwords versus biometric scanning. Data privacy advocates have been quick to warn that…

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Spring Mill Employees Federal Credit Union Selects Mobi¢int

Spring Mill Employees FCU

Sandy, UT (November 2016) — Mobi¢int is proud to announce that Spring Mill Employees Federal Credit Union, located in Roaring Spring, PA, has selected mobi¢int as their internet and mobile banking provider. Established and chartered in 1954, the credit union serves over 4,000 members from Appleton Papers employees, their relatives along with 76 other select employee…

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Chemcel Federal Credit Union Selects Mobi¢int


Sandy, UT (November 2016) — The Texas credit union recently chose to integrate with mobi¢int for their internet banking. With over $108 million dollars in assets and more than 8,400 members, Chemcel FCU offers a full range of financial services to its members, including, loans, savings, investments, checking accounts, cash teller, ATM, MasterCard and VISA,…

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Mobi¢int Welcomes I.B.E.W. 76 Federal Credit Union


Sandy, UT (November 2016) — We are pleased to announce that I.B.E.W. 76 Federal Credit union, located in Tacoma, Washington, has chosen mobi¢int as their internet and mobile banking provider. Founded by a group of Local 76 electricians in 1957, the credit union has become and remains a thriving institution.

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The 6 Most Common Concerns with Mobile Banking Security

Mobile Banking Security is always ranked high on the mind of consumers in this day and age. The adoption of mobile banking is not immune to security concerns.  In fact, according to the Consumers and Mobile Financial Services 2016 survey reported by The Federal Reserve this year, concern about the security of mobile technology is a common reason given for…

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How FIs Use Omni-Consumerism to Target Millennials


Because our society is so fortunate to have access to the abundant resource of the internet I can almost guarantee that you or someone you know would fall into the Omni-Consumer category. Now you may not understand that term, but it’s definitely not as complicated as it may sound.  You see, many people, especially those who…

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